Destructive Dissonance



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48x36 Oil on Canvas $5000

36x12 Oil on Canvas $300

12x36 Oil on Canvas $300

48x24 Oil on Canvas $4000

48x24 Oil on Canvas $4000

Destructive Dissonance is a series of works Aldea used to break the stigma in her mind of perfect Art. For a long time she would spend hours toiling over the perfection of what she was painting. Over the years it felt like it lost the art quality of what she was doing. Through this process Aldea created works and imagery that wold have been close to her perfectionsism, then she took terpentime and dripped it, dragged the brush accross the canvas, ultimately doing what she would have thought to destroy her own work, to show that surealism and artwork is subjective, there is no perfect, and there is no life in perfection.